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What is a Podcast?

A podcast is simply an audio program, similar to Talk Radio. You subscribe to it on your phone and can listen whenever you want.

What are their workings and how can you listen? Continue reading to learn more!

A podcast is a collection of audio and spoken word episodes that are focused on one topic, such as cycling or startups. Subscribe to the podcast with the app for your phone. You can listen to episodes anytime you like via your headphones or in the car using speakers.

What is a popular podcast?

Have you ever heard of a podcast? It can be easy to grasp if you take a look at the way radio stations have converted their shows to podcasts. Remember that podcasts go beyond radio. We’ll tell you more in a moment!

BBC Radio 4 has a radio program called More Or Less: Behind The Stats. It is all about interesting economics, number facts, and more. You must tune in to your radio to hear the show. It is broadcast every week at the same time. To make it more accessible, every episode is published by the BBC as part of the “More or Less Podcast”. Each podcast episode is a recording from a ‘More Or Less’ radio episode and they are all grouped into one podcast series.

If you love the radio show, subscribe to the More or Less podcast to receive the latest episodes each week. This means that you can listen to them at any time instead of being stuck on the radio every week.

Podcasts can be more than repurposed radio

Although the example provided above may give an idea of what a podcast looks like, it doesn’t answer the question “What is a Podcast?”

The vast majority of shows are original content and not repurposed radio.

Many people escape the constraints of radio format to discover innovative approaches and niche topics. Take, for example:

  • They may be of any length from a brief news clip to a three-hour-long interview.
  • They can have any frequency from daily to monthly
  • They can be in any format from single shows to multi-person audio dramas
  • They can cover any topic. Many of these topics would never make the radio.

Whatever your interests, there’s a show for you.

Are podcasts audio or video?

The media type, audio or video, is the confusion surrounding the “What is a Podcast?” question.

Podcasts are largely audio-only today, even though there are video podcasts. Podcasting was born out of the need for background content. This means that podcasts can be entertaining, educational or inspiring and are not a distraction from other monotonous or repetitive activities.

One of the most popular places people listen to music is in their car. Audio content is better than video because you can’t see it. Podcasts can also be used to listen while at work, while you mow the lawn, or when driving to work. Every moment can be used for audio!

You will need headphones to connect your smartphone to the Bluetooth device. Connect to your car via Bluetooth or use Echo, a smart speaker, to listen to music!