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#10 Top proven method to increase website traffic in 2022

Many businesses find it difficult to think of new ways to increase their website traffic. Many people are misinformed online about how to increase website traffic. This can cause businesses to use the same old strategies and not see positive results.

Here are 10 proven methods to increase website traffic:

1. Keyword Research :-

Relevant keywords should always be included in the content. Keywords should not be stuffed into content in a way that distracts from the main idea.

Keywords should be used throughout the content. This includes the meta description, page title, URL, headers, and occasionally throughout the article.

You can use tools such as Moz and Ahrefs to conduct keyword research. These websites provide valuable information that can help you plan your keyword strategy.

They show keywords used by competitors, the cost of keywords for pay-per-click ads, and related keywords. An SEO agency can be a good option.

They can provide valuable insights and conduct audits to find issues that could prevent your site from appearing in search engines.

2. Create Memorable Content :-

You can’t just post content. Content must be memorable and stands out from the rest. It is a great way to increase website traffic.

Google is used by people to search for specific, detailed, and accurate answers to their questions. Your content should also be available to answer those questions. Websites with blog content are able to generate 434% more search engine-indexed pages than websites without it.

Sites that post more than 16 articles per month get nearly 3.5x more traffic than sites that only publish one to four.

Web traffic will improve if you take care of the content you create, post frequently, and research what your audience is looking for.

3. Write guest posts :-

Guest posting on other websites can be a great way to get backlinks, increase referral traffic and improve search engine result pages (SERP). Before pitching, you should research the websites in your industry.

First, examine the content of a website and ensure it is high quality. Next, verify its domain authority. Finally, review their guest post guidelines. Ask the publication whether they will promote the post on Facebook and if they will tag you.

4. Maintain active social media pages :-

For attracting visitors, social media is a huge tool. These are just a few ways you can use it to increase your website traffic.

  1. Post content (blogs, e-books, white papers, infographics, videos, etc.) across your social media platforms
  2. Interact with your followers by replying, reposting their content, and tagging them
  3. Use the appropriate hashtags
  4. To promote new content, update the link in your bio
  5. To promote new content, change the cover photo
  6. You can tag influencers that may be interested in the content
  7. To encourage people to click on the link, include enticing information in the content
  8. Answer other people who are looking for answers by linking to your content

5. To increase website traffic, you can use advertising:-

Paying search, social media, and display ads are all effective ways to increase website traffic. Each option has its pros and cons. For instance, users have the ability to block display ads. The average cost per Google Ads click is between $1 and $2. It’s important that you set goals and budgets before investing large amounts of money.

When you do pay-per-click ads (PPC), it is important to have one campaign and several ad groups that contain the keywords you are interested in. Once campaigns are launched, you can observe how different keywords affect audiences. One keyword might result in only impressions which did not increase website traffic. Another may result in clicks and conversions.

6. Send email newsletters:-

Email newsletters are a great way to promote content and increase website traffic. These are some email marketing best practices.

In the subject line as well as the email body, include enticing information. Add a button or link that subscribers can click to access more content. Make sure your email is mobile-friendly. Because 46% of all email openings occur on mobile devices, links should be easily visible.

Personalization strategies can be used by including the name and addresses of subscribers. Use well-designed templates to make your email stand out visually. To find out which emails get more clicks and open, you can conduct A/B testing.

7. Influencer Outreach:-

Influencers in the industry are keen to share content they love with their followers. There are many ways businesses can connect with influential people, such as:

If your piece refers to their research or content, tag the influencer in a post on social media.

Ask the influencer to interview you or answer your questions. Then tag or email them when the content has been published. They will likely share your content to their followers.

You can do a roundup with multiple influencers. When promoting the post via social media, tag each participant.

Influencers can be paid to post sponsored content on their social media accounts.

You can use tools such as BuzzSumo and HypeAuditor to identify the most influential people in your industry. Or, you can reach out to a Digital Marketing Agency that can help you with influencer outreach.

8. Make a useful industry tool or content:-

It is a great way of driving more traffic. We created an editorial schedule template here at the content marketing agency. It was available for everyone to download. We created this tool to help marketers create and publish content more easily.

You can create tools and content that will help others in your industry. Then, offer them to their customers for free on their sites. You can increase your return and get new leads by posting gated content/tools. This is where you offer the content or tools for free in exchange for their contact information. Promoting the content/tools in relevant LinkedIn Groups and forums where professionals are involved is another way to increase website traffic.

9. Send Press Releases to Influential Publications:-

Businesses should not just publish press releases to promote their clients or themselves. They must actively promote the release and send it out to relevant publications and websites in their industry.

We send our clients’ good news to industry blogs and publications. We can then generate a lot of leads for our clients and increase their referral traffic.

10. Exchange backlinks:-

Backlink exchanges are a great option for businesses looking to increase their website traffic. Reach out to relevant websites and offer your content to be included in a post. You can also offer a backlink exchange where you will add your link to their post.

This is exactly what we did to Rainbow Muffler & Brake. We wrote a blog post called “The Essential Road Trip List for Your Car.” Then, we searched Pitchbox for relevant websites and reached out to them to ask if they would promote our post.

WheelScene agreed that they would exchange backlinks and social media posts. This resulted in a 45% increase in views. Businesses can win big if they find the right partner to exchange their backlinks.

Increase Website Traffic Today

Businesses can expect to see an increase in website traffic if they follow these steps. Some of these strategies can be immediate gratification while others require patience and time. Continue to try new methods and analyze the results.

Many businesses find it difficult to think of new ways to increase their website traffic. Many people are misinformed online about how to increase website traffic. This can cause businesses to use the same old strategies and not see positive results.