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Do you have a Google Business Profile get suspended? Here are some typical causes and how to fix them.

A Google Business Profile (GBP) can be the best method for local businesses to be found on Google Local – both within the Local Pack as well as on the Local Finder, and on Google Maps.

For many of these local businesses, an Google Business Profile is often the only local SEO strategy and is the only method they can promote their business online.

If a business connects with the business profile manager, or discovers via Google search results that their Google Business Profile is suspended and their phone stops calling, they enter panic mode.

In many cases it’s the first thought that comes to mind is that they’ve done nothing wrong.

They’ve also maintained a Business Profile for years, therefore they shouldn’t be doing something wrong.

The issue is that Google provides certain guidelines which all businesses have to be following.

It’s important to note that just because a business has been able to get away with violating rules up to this point isn’t a guarantee that they’re not likely to be found guilty eventually.

Then they got arrested!

(Either Google caught them or the competitor or someone else complained about them via the Reply Form.)

If your Business Profile gets suspended or disabled, Google doesn’t tell you the reason they removed your company.

As the owner of your business, you are responsible to be aware, comprehending, and adhering to the guidelines to present your business on Google.

Google updates its conditions of service often Sometimes they are subtle.

It’s crucial to examine your Business Profile at least once every once a month for any modifications that could affect Your Business Profile compliance.

What do you do when your Business Profile is suspended?

In the beginning, you must go through the Google Business Profile guidelines and restricted content to find out what guidelines your profile is in violation of.

Go through the guidelines line-by-line – and it’s recommended to make sure that your profile’s “Info” section is pulled up on your screen so you can check your profile for any violations while you go through all the regulations.

Another tip: Consider the things you made changes to your Profile for your Business Profile prior to being suspended.

The change could have caused the suspension?

If you are suspended and you are suspended, you must take on the role of a detective and begin to determine the rule(s) that your business profile breaks and then fix the issue in your business Profile and then fill out the reinstatement form.

Then keep your fingers crossed! Top Reasons Google Business Profile Suspensions Happen

There are a few common causes: 

  • Google Business Profiles can be suspended. These are common mistakes companies
  • make due to a mistake or in a deliberate manner.
  • Sometimes, a business Profile is suspended by an error.
  • Sometimes, these suspensions are just a coincidence.
  • In the case of an organization is mistakenly stuck in a suspension “sweep” where Google is taking action against a particular unsavory business.
  • You could also be making modifications to the details of your Business Profile, and Google becomes suspicious of the modifications and suspends your account.

Suspensions can be a puzzle you have to solve.

To assist you, here are some of the most frequently cited causes for suspensions.

Spammy Industries/High-Risk Categories

Certain categories are considered to be spammy and/or high-risk.

These are the categories that are known for fake profiles, spammy profiles, and business profiles that are fake or fraudulent.

Google analyzes these industries with greater care and frequently suspends profiles – particularly if they do not follow even the most basic guidelines.

A few of these categories are:

  • Garage doors.
  • Plumbers.
  • Locksmiths.
  • Real estate.
  • Insurance.
  • Lawyers.
  • Pest control.
  • HVAC.
  • Tree trimming.
  • Tree plant.
  • Landscapers.
  • Rehab centers.
  • and many others.

If you’re in a high-risk category for your business Your Business Profile already has a red flag and you must follow the rules and adhere to the guidelines.

Keyword Stuffed Business Names

There’s nothing more irritating than seeing businesses stuff their company names with keyword phrases. Keyword Stuffing your company’s name appears like a lot of spam. Google is now starting to recognize this.

In reality, as a result of the latest Victoria algorithm updates studies show that businesses with words in their GBP business names have fallen in the rankings.

(That’s an amazing thing, Google!)

Stop keyword stuffing the Google Business Profile business name or inventing business names altogether!

Your profile is likely to be removed.

As per Google’s guidelines:

“To assist customers in finding your business on the internet, you must accurately reflect your business’s name. Your name should be a reflection of the name of your business in its real-world context that is consistent on your website, storefront stationery, and also as it is known to your customers.

The inclusion of unnecessary information in your business name isn’t allowed and could result in being removed from your Business Profile.”

Using A P.O. Box Or UPS Store Address

Google Business Profile is for local businesses that have customers at their locations of business, or for local businesses that travel to meet customers at their location.

Let’s face it: You can’t manage a business out of a post office and UPS Store.

If your business has an address in an inaccessible location such as a P.O. box, UPS or P.O is not eligible to apply for an account on Google Business Profile.

And if you, by chance, obtain a GBP card and your account is suspended, it will be suspended.

A Virtual Office or Coworking Space Is Used by a Business

Like P.O. mailbox, UPS Box as well as “remote location” addresses, co-working spaces, and virtual office addresses aren’t always a good idea.

First Virtual offices are usually used for mailing addresses.

Virtual offices and businesses that provide you with a postal address are not a good idea.

Most of the time, Google doesn’t consider a co-working address to be a real commercial location unless it:

You lease a specific space (preferably one with a dedicated office).

Your company’s signage should be out of the designated office area so that customers are able to locate your office (and it’s not about a Post-It(r) Be aware that it needs to be permanent signs).

Your employees (not the staff of the co-working facility) are on duty during office hours.

Therefore, in the majority of cases, coworking addresses cannot be registered on a Google Business Profile.

Let’s look at a quick example.

The Virtual Office company rents out private offices, in addition to virtual offices as well as co-working space.

If you search for that office address or suite number on the internet, you’ll see numerous businesses sharing the same address and suite number.

What do these numbers tell you?

Each of these businesses shares this space (i.e. co-working).

None of them is qualified to have a Google Business Profile, and they’re all at the possibility of having the suspension of their GBPs suspended.

You got it! Google owns Google Maps.

It’s easy for them to locate businesses in Regus, WeWork, and other co-working and virtual offices.

So, if you believe you’re secure using an office virtual or co-working space in Your Google Business Profile, you’re not.

The possibility of suspension is likely.

Business profiles of Service Area Businesses (SABs) display their physical addresses

If you own a Service Area Business (SAB) which is a type of business, you probably run your business at home or another place where customers aren’t able to visit.

You visit your customers and provide them with service at their respective locations.

Since no one is required to take a car or seek directions to your location of the business, Google doesn’t want your address to be displayed in Google Maps.

So, Google doesn’t allow Service Area Businesses to display or display their physical address in Google Business Profiles.

Imagine you’re operating as a Service Area Business and do not have a physical storefront with permanent signage and employees working at all times during working hours (and various other regulations). If that is the scenario, you are not able to include your business address listed in your Google Business Profile. Google Business Profile.

Online-Only Businesses

Google Business Profiles can be used and created for local businesses that serve local customers.

Are you running e-commerce or an online-only business that does not interact with local customers?

You won’t be eligible to receive the benefit of GBP.

Two Businesses Share The Same Address

This scenario could occur in the case of an office-based business at home or a Service Area Business trying to establish multiple businesses at the address of your home.

For example, a business owner could have a lawn-care company and a handyman service. Instead of creating a single business profile and one company and choosing different categories, they could try to set up several profiles on Google for their business.

In the majority of instances, this goes against Google’s guidelines and could be the basis for a suspension.

If you run businesses that provide similar or similar services, you should make a legally-enforceable company name or an entity that covers all. Use GBP categories, and add businesses to the Business Profile while letting your site inform clients what you do.

Suspensions Are A Reality Check

Remember that this isn’t an all-inclusive set of Google Business Profile issues that could lead to suspensions.

There are a variety of other reasons that your profile might be suspended.

The main point is: follow the rules and you will not be worried about anything.

If you do discover your profile deleted then you can check out this article about what to do in the event that you find that your Google Business Profile gets suspended.